St. Peter's Episcopal Church

2nd Avenue & Adams Street

Seward, Alaska

Sharing God's compassion with all

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Sunday: 10 am

We alternate between Morning Prayer and Holy Eucharist; check calendar for details.

Easter Sunday Schedule

7 am - Sunrise Service at the SeaLife Center

10 am - Holy Eucharist,    Fr. Paul Smith, Celebrant

Easter Potluck following church

Bring a dish to share.  Ham will be provided.

A Short History of
St. Peter's

this way to a short history of St. Peter's

Sharing God's compassion with all




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Current Season:

Holy Week

Lord Jesus Christ, as we kneel

at the foot of your chross, help us

to see and know your love for us, 

so that we may place at your feet

all that we have and all that we are.



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